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I am still compiling an amazing list of websites to link to my site. If you have an interesting link email me the site and I will go and check it out. Also, tell me why you think the link should be added to my site!!!

apple.gif Family-Related Sites
  • CraftClick Home Page
    This site is excellent for finding crafty projects. CraftClick also offers free email, a free calendar, free Webhosting, and much more! There is an Idea Center and an area for Discussion Forums. You can even sign up to take classes! This is one of my favorite craft sites.
  • Missing Children Organization
    I found this site when I was searching for webrings to join. They are very much dedicated to the finding of missing children. You are able to join and download a banner to place on your site that will allow your site's visitors to see pictures of these missing children. You can print posters and many other things from here. If you want to see what the banner looks like and the webring, then go to my Webrings Page and scroll down about half-way.
apple.gif Teacher-Related Sites
  • The IdeaBox
    This is a totally awesome site for teachers. It has games, recipes, crafts, music and songs, Message Boards, Sites of the Day and Week, and tons more! You can even sign up your email account for a weekly newsletter that has craft ideas that are great for home, day cares, Preschools, and K-6. Some can even be adapted for upper grade levels. I get the weekly newsletter and I am taking the activities and rewriting them on 4x6 index cards to create an activity file for my classroom once I am teaching.
  • Teacher Tales
    I just found this site the other day and you can read stories from principals, teachers, and students. You can also submit your own stories.
  • Teacher Emergency Kit
    This is a recommended kit that new teachers keep in their classrooms in case of emergencies.
  • Teacher Survival Kit
    This is a cute kit for teachers to use to survive nine long months of school. If you also go to Projects, you will find just that, projects!
  • Are You A True Elementary Teacher?
    Take this quiz to find out if you are a TRUE elementary teacher.
  • First Grade Activities
    Description soon to come!
  • A to Z Teacher Stuff
    This site is loaded with lesson plans, themes, a store, Message Boards, and many other teacher resources.
  • Proteacher
    I spend a lot of time searching this site every time I go here. It is loaded with lesson plans, seasonal ideas, Boards, and many, many other resources for teachers. There are even links to interview skills and tips, and also to other sites that offer employment listings.
apple.gif Teacher-Employment Sites
  • Teachers Online Internet Recruitment
    This site offers links and forums to teacher employment. If you sign up to post a profile for employment, then employers using this site will be notified if your qualifications meet their needs and vice versa. You can also be notified of new postings through email.
  • Nation Jobs
    Description Coming Soon!
    This site offers job searching, and you can also sign up to be notified via email of new postings.
  • Teacher Jobs
    Description Coming Soon!
  • Teacher's Employment Network
    Description Coming Soon!


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